Aaron Holt

Executive Chef/Co-General Manager

Aaron Holt was born and raised in Iowa growing up cooking with his mother (the best cook he knows), he was taught to use local and seasonal ingredients. His love and passion for food has led him to a very fortunate career, having the privilege to work for some great chefs. Mark Kassis and Terry Lowman gave him the knowledge in Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Moving to Des Moines in 2007 he fell in love with the city and has enjoyed watching the food scene grow. A long time Sous Chef under Andrew Meek, Aaron learned the ropes of fine-dining with wild game, exotic ingredients, and infusing French, Italian, and American dishes. With this experience & background Aaron has become the perfect addition to the RoCA family as our Executive Chef. Aaron is married to his lovely wife Amber and just welcome a beautiful daughter, Olivia, into his family.

Trying new things and pushing the envelope with inventive and creative cuisine keeps Aaron motivated. Motto to live by as a chef: It will always be trendy to do “the right thing” with food, keep it fresh, and keep it simple.

Kevin Adams

General Manager

Kevin Adams grew up in Grimes and started his path into the restaurant life as a dishwasher, while a freshman in high school, and has work in all areas of the restaurant. Kevin entered the fine dining scene at Centro as the Bar and Beverage Director for over five years. During this time Kevin began working with Tim Grimes, currently with Johnson Brothers. He grew a passion for great wine and gained valuable insight learning how to taste it, talk about it and share it with a guest.

After Centro, Kevin spent the next eight years as manager and wine buyer for Sbrocco Wine Bar and Restaurant. He worked with some of the best wine representatives in the state, continuing to building an immense passion for the wine world. Always looking for new, fun and cost friendly wines to share with all. Now, Kevin is back in familiar territory, continuing his passion with fine wine and great food at RōCA.

When not in the restaurant, Kevin loves to travel with his amazing wife Brittany, or enjoy the outdoors playing golf, fishing or just enjoying a good glass of wine!